Desktop arranging software

A long time back I had some software that gave you the ability to throw windows from screen to screen via the taskbar or an added icon next to the minimize icon.
Handy when you can’t see the other screen, for example, you have your normal pair of screens but a third on a long cable in another room and you just want to flip what you are doing to the other room.
So I’m looking for something that says something like, Move to screen 3, 2, 1

Anyone know something like that, for Windows.

hello, have you tried the native function windows key + P ? it allows you to cycle through different modes, one of them duplicates your main screen to the other ones.

Thanks, yep I know that one but it’s not quite what I’m after. that might do what you want then.


Paul Thankyou, that is exactly what I wanted.
It was bundled with an external slot graphic card I bought about 20 years ago and had been locked to their system, they went out of business and I was never able to get the license info updated.
This is the original unbranded version.
Thanks again, you made me a very happy box.