Positioning Toolbars

Where can I find instructions to position my toolbar at the top of my window? It’s on the left edge now and all I can do with it is drag it out into the workspace.
Windows 10

Which toolbar are you referring to?

The main toolbar with the select arrow and pencil and move and tape etc.

You must mean the Large Tool Set, then. That one is designed to be vertical and two columns only. You can replace it with the individual toolbars that contain the same tools or you could make your own custom toolbars that can be aligned horizontally.

Okay, thanks DaveR. . . I sort of thought this was the only solution. I think older versions allowed you to move them. Often in tutorials you can see the workspace setup that way.

Thank you for responding.

You can move toolbars around but ever since the Large Tool Set was introduced it has been a vertical two column toolbar. There’s history related to that but if that’s not the arrangement you want, feel free to use the separate toolbars or make your own. I actually like having those main tools on the left but I’ve replaced the Large Tool set with two custom toolbars that contain only the tools I need so as not to waste screen real estate with buttons I have no use for.