SketchUp 14 Large Tool Bar

I just downloaded and installed SketchUp14. When using the “Large Tool Bar”, I cannot move the toolbar to the top of the page. The “Large Tool Bar” can only be located at the side of the screen. The template I am using is "Woodworking Inches"
Is the toolbar position a change withing SketchUp 14 or am I doing something incorrectly?

Hi @joerobinson1

The Large Tool Bar is very deliberately stuck in the 2 column, vertical format. This is a carry over from all previous versions of SketchUp but is way too many icons to easily stick into the top bar. The problem is that toolbars don’t automatically wrap at the right side of the screen. If you chose the Large Toolbar up top, most users would lose them off the right side of the screen.

That being said, you can customize the top toolbar quite easily and can make as many custom toolbars as you choose. Alternatively you can pick and choose smaller subsets of the Large Toolbar and place them up top, creating as thick a toolbar as you desire. You can read about customizing the toolbar in our Knowledge Center here:

Thanks for the reply. The reason I was confused is - I checked SketchUp 13 and yes I was using the Large Tool Bar and had positioned it at the top of the screen. Not a big deal, since I now know that in SketchUp 14 the tool bar position is at the side of the screen.

I’m trying to do this in Make 2016 not Layout

As Jody indicated in his reply to Zelda, the Large Tool Set is deliberately designed to be a vertical two-column toolbar. You can replace it with individual toolbars if you want them positioned along the top row or you can make custom toolbars. You can’t make the Large toolset run horizontally, though.