Moving toolbars

I am unable to place two toolbars side-by-side underneath the large toolbox in the left sidebar.
The toolbar marked with the red stroke can’t be placed next to the solid tools toolbar.

Grab the toolbar by the top and drag it into place.

The Large Tool Set is sort of a special toolbar. It isn’t a full two toolbars wide so there isn’t room for two toolbars below it. You can make two custom toolbars to replace the Large Tool Set and place them side by side. Then place other tools below them. Making your own toolbars also allows you to add tools that aren’t included in the Large Tool Set or omit ones you wouldn’t use. For example, if you are using the mouse for navigation, there’s no need to have Pan and Orbit taking up space in the toolbars.

wow talking about swift responses.
I will try to make two toolbars (I only have to find out how to make custom toolbars)

In View>Toolbars, click on New to start a new toolbar. Do this twice; once for each toolbar. Then you can drag tools from the Large Tool Set or other native toolbars to the new ones. Hold Ctrl while dragging to copy them. Then turn off the toolbars you no longer need.

My mistake, Dave is on point, the Large toolset is different.

You mean “Has a point.” But if he wears a hat no one notices. :slight_smile:

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My trays are not visible when I select show tray. this is something new. How do I make them visible again?