Screen issues with hidden windows

I know i have issue this topic before on the forums but cant remember where. Using Pro 2022 and when I try to access certain menu items the pop windows are displayed off screen and I have seen a keystroke combination to get them to all move into the active window. For instance when I right click to create a component the menu does not appear on screen it seems out of view. Same this happens when go to windows preferences. Dose anyone have the key combo to get those back on screen?

Thanks in advance

From @Box

Various dialogs can get lost offscreen, Preferences and Model info being the most common.
This can often be fixed by using the magic key combo that has been passed down through the ages by mystics and sages or by anyone who understands the basics of windows key navigation.
The magic combination is often written as
Press alt and space together, then tap m, then tap any arrow key, then without clicking, move the mouse around until the dialog appears.
This combination is easily explained.
Alt and Spacebar together brings up the maximize/minimize/close menu on whatever window has focus.
m then selects Move in that menu and changes the cursor to the 4 arrow symbol over the title bar of the dialog (where m is the default in your language for move)
tap any arrow will attach the cursor to the title bar (the other option here is to click and hold the mouse and it will drag it into view, but you risk missing the title bar and grabbing nothing.)
moving the mouse without clicking moves it into view.
Click to finish drops the dialog at that point.

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Thanks for the reply.