Design a Simple Custom Fabric Cover in Sketch Up

I’m new to SketchUp but I really need to get a pattern made to cover our slides. It seems like it should be so simple, but I have no idea where to get started. I need to take a 3D slide model (which I imported into Sketch Up) that was created in Solid Works originally, and create a simple cover for the exposed surfaces on the part. Very similar to a boat cover would be designed, I would think. Can anyone help me with how I should get this going?

Any tips at all will be a great help for me. Thank You!

The file is too big to upload but I have a drop box link below


You could look into the extension Clothworks to start. Then another extension ‘Unwrap and flatten’ to help create a pattern.
You can find them in the SketchUp extension warehouse or SketchUcation.

The initial design phase can be very simple, but to actually get workable results for printing etc. Could involve some more.

You can easily project textures:

But you have more control with an extension, like @GSTUDIOS mentioned or this one:

Then, Skimp might be useful:

Thanks. I am fixing to try Clothworks now and will let you know how it goes.

Just to confirm - this indicates you want to make a physical cover or “tarp” for a slide which my extension suggestions where related to. If you are trying to UV map colour patterns onto the curved slide surface, other following suggestions would be more suitable.

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You can make a basic shape that wraps around the slide and then use “unwrap and flatten” (plugin) on each face to get a flattened pattern. Then sew together.

I would think the straightforward way would be to use the slide model as a guide and draw simple triangular shapes to cover it. Then flatten, combine and slmplify the triangular shapes further. Check that the circumferences work for the areas you are trying to cover. Then plan for hems and and seams, zippers and ties. Then see how it fits the stock material. I would only consider clothworks (not a clothworks user I admit,but I once did canvas work myself, tipis : ) ) if you have to illustrate it. I don’t expect you plan for the cover to fit tightly or drape a certain way. I guess I am following whiterabbit’s ideas.
I just planned out the cover for my canoe! If I only had a model of it…