Creating a fabric template for a Video Lighting system

I am creating a pattern for a video light I am building. It is the reflector portion and I need to create the fabric cutting pattern for the reflector.

I have created the basic set up, but am looking for a way to make the curved surfaces into solids, so I can use the plug in Unfold to peel back the surface and get my pattern. Here’s the basic set up. I have forgotten how to make the vertical curves into a surface for this.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I plan to make a few styles of this so I will repeat the process with other designs.

Many thanksLight Reflector.skp|attachment (34.6 KB)

You can hand-stitch across the sides to create a surface and then copy that surface to the other three sides, but it’s much easier to set this up as a Follow Me operation.

Jim Foltz’s Unfold script does not require solids. In fact, I’m pretty sure you’re misusing the term “solid” here anyway. You can also use the Flattery extension to unfold the design. (You’d be smart to unfold one quarter of it and copy it for the other three sides.)


Gully beat me to it but I was also going to suggest using Follow Me.

And he’s right, Jim’s Unfold tool does not require a solid.

I am so grateful for your replies!!

I have used SketchUp over the years with long spells of inactivity between. I knew there was a way to do this (and I agree: I misused the “solids” term… I used to sell SolidWorks back in the windows 98 days and I have to slap myself a bit to remember my terms :wink:)

Follow me is what I wanted, and I do appreciate the help!

Off to make light reflectors :smile: