Turn a 3D curve(fabric) into a plan projection

Hello, here it comes. I am designing a curved structure for a fabric.
I would like to get the measures of the fabric to get a plan to cut and sew it.
Ideally I would need to have a plan projection of the fabric.
Thank you for your help.

any pattern you generate will need to take into account the ‘fabric’ to be used, and how many pieces it’s properties require to achieve the shaping…

if you post the skp at it’s real world scale and some details for the material you desire then it’s easier to advise…

for example latex rubber will need a different pattern then steel sheet, yet both are fabrics…


A flat pattern, also called a developed view, which I believe is what you want, is not the same as a projected view. A developed view shows the material in a flat, unstretched condition, as it would be after cutting but before forming, shaping, and joining operations are performed. Each cell in the mesh is shown at true size and shape. A projection simply extends the point locations of the completed item along parallel lines until they intersect with a common, perpendicular viewing plane. Each cell in the mesh is shown as distorted, owing to the effects of foreshortening.

To create a developed view of your Pringle, you basically have to unfold it along the mesh lines until all the cells lie in the same plane. Along the way you’ll need to make certain decisions as to where to unfold and where to cut.

I know of two plugins, both free, that can help you do that:

Flattery for SketchUp
Jim Foltz’s Unfold Tool


Quite true. For example, I use steel sheets to make my bed. Tucking in the corners is sort of a hassle, but I change the linens so seldom it hardly ever comes up.



Hello, thank you for your answer.
As a new user I wasn’t able to post more than one pic.
The structure is 4m heigh and 8m long, and around 6m large.
The fabric we plan to have is transparent vinyl sheet (frequent in large tents covers).

Humm, not sure about the name for the fabric, flexible PVC, 1,50m width.
Thank you!

You might try modeling the form in increments of the material you’ll use to build it.
That way, when you unfold the geometry flat, you’ll have something that relates to the material.

Whether each fabric panel would have straight edges or require a long subtle curve remains unclear.
Sharing the model would help us help you.

More on unfolding stuff here:

@Gully_Foyle has given you links to two plugins that will help unfold the curved shape for you.
You may need to take into consideration the number of segments you have used in your shape. What looks like enough for a shoulder pad may not be enough for an outdoor gazebo. Each unfolded segment will add to the amount of material needed. So if your model has too few for the bends you’ll end up cutting your material too short.

Hello, here comes the model. Is is supposed to be a tent for dj acts.
Thank you for your helptenda dj ok.skp|attachment (399.8 KB)