Hello friends
I hope you are well, I’m new to SketchUp I’m a furniture enthusiast and I use SketchUp to make wooden structures
I’m coming to you because I’m having trouble finding a solution to my problem.
I explain to you
After drawing the sofa on SketchUp with all these rounded shape details etc. the manufacture of a sofa go through these steps

  1. Manufacture of the wooden structure
  2. Gluing the mouse
  3. Installing the fabric on the wooden structure that has been dressed
    My question for (step 3) is how we can generate from the model on SketchUp the different pieces that will be sewn
    Another example to be clearer
    After drawing a ball on SketchUp such as this one (,f_auto/w_2000/mkp/M21010990_1/balle-d-assise-design-en-suedine-anthracite-avec -poignee-d65.jpg ) can we generate fabric patterns that cover the ball via plugins or other in order to export them and use them in reality??

Your profile says you are using SketchUp for Schools (web). If this is true, first, the use you describe is not permitted with that version. You would need to be using SketchUp Pro. There are some unfolding extensions for SketchUp Pro that could help you flatten out curved surfaces. How accurate they are will depend greatly on how you created the surfaces. Since SketchUp approximates curved surfaces with flat faces, the smaller those faces, the closer to the real curved surface you’ll get and the more accurate your pattern will be.

As DaveR brought it up, are you just a hobbyist?