Need to draw a porcelain collection with sections and patterns

Can someone guide me right what I need for plugin to draw bowls, plates that have not only has round shape, can be more rectangular and organic. I need to make patterns in some places that bulge out (embossing?). My English vocabulary is “a bit” poor and I have a hard time finding the right word for what function.

Kind regards, Patrick in Sweden

Maybe you could share some images of the sorts of pieces you need to model. You may not need a plugin for this.

Also, what version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile. And how much experience do you have with using SketchUp?


Ehh tried to upload a picture, but did not succeed, you do it in some special way. Run SU PRO 2021

You should be able to drag and drop an image into your post although as a new user you may need another post or two under your name first.

Please add that to your forum profile.

Have update my profile now:, and uploaded picture, it wasn´t so hard:)

Thank you.

How will you need to use these dishes once you have them modeled in SketchUp? Are they going to be shown individually or are they going to be shown on shelves in a display? Maybe something else?

And again, what is your experience level with SketchUp? These certainly aren’t beginner’s models.

Difficult question about what experience I have, I mostly draw furniture and other utensils for a company. Sends with some pictures.

They should be presented separately and if they are okay, they should be made according to my drawings

For ‘boat’, with Vertex Tools and SUbD, Fredo Joint Push Pull Interactive

  • for ‘casserole’, a possible variant, also with Flowify

but not directly like that

you’ll use Quad Tools > Unwrap UV Grid first, then Flowify

For ‘Leaf shape’ and 'Pot pattern", one option would also be using quads (Quad tools, Vertex Tools, SUbD.


Thank you so mush Mr Mihai, this information is worth its weight in gold :slight_smile:

If I now want to make a pattern (embossed or debossed) on the outside of the bowl, on the one with are divide, is it possible?

Did you manually draw the pattern from the pictures, or is there a way to mirror them or capture the outline of the pattern?

Kind regards, Patrick

You’re welcome!

If the bowl is the one in the 5th image (bottom right), you can use the same technique as for the ‘cup’ (4th img).

I manually modeled what you see in the GIFs.

It is on the one you call “boat” that I wondered if it was possible to put patterns on.

How did you draw the pattern from the cup, it looks identical to the picture, maybe on freehand and good eye :)?

You can probably put a model on the ‘boat’ with Flowify, or even with Drape tool from Sandbox.

Pattern from the cup (I only drew half of a row, I copied it in the mirror, and then I copied the whole row a few times)

Try to use as few edges as possible to draw the motifs, because otherwise the model will be very heavy.

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Thanks once again, I´m so greatful over that you taken the time to show me.

Kind regards, Patrick

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And for ‘leaf’ (the 3rd image), you could use Vertex Tools and Sub D, Scale by Tools and Random Tools

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Don’t forget you can toggle inferencing off when using the draw tool ( Alt key on Windows)

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Geez, it’s unbelievable what things I soon can create of all ideas that I have in my head that I didn’t succeed with before. I’m so glad I dared to write in this forum, I’m very bad at asking for help.
You’re the best, Patrick

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Hi Putt.Feel free to explain this again, do not really know what interference means in this context, does it apply to all drawing functions? I have a Mac and have the program installed in Swedish, but will change to English so I learn the thermology used hear :slight_smile: Grateful for answers

Aaron explains it much better!

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Dan, good intervention.
Visual presentation of what @putt said in this case, using Alt

For those using older versions of SketchUp (including SketchUp Make), with Fredo Tools > Draw Along

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