Deleted model


Hello. I am using sketchup free for a project . A messege poops up on my screen and i pressed yes. And i’ve lost my model. What can i do ?


What was the message?

Are you sure the model was deleted?


The model is empty. Just the human start. I had a house with a lot of stuff in.


that’s a screenshot of the empty one,


Is it possible your model was saved and you have started a new file?

Did you use components? Are there any In Model components shown in the Components window?


no component. Just “John”.


That’s unfortunate.

What was the message that you clicked ‘Yes’ to?

You may just need to start over.




Are you logged in on more than one browser or computer. This can cause issues, so avoid that, but check the other system to be sure, if that was the case.


If the data is very important, you can recover it. There are some companies that specialise in that matter, just like this one: It is unfortunately [very] expensive and the service is usually priced individually depending on many factors.


Do they recover data from SketchUp Web which is what the OP has been using? The file was stored in the Trimble cloud.


To be honest with you i forgot that SketchUp Free is online only… So to answer your question - I don’t know if Data Recovery Labs does it, but they surely do:


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