Model disappeared


Hi there,
I uploaded a model I’ve worked on for quite a while at 3D Warehouse - maybe anyone of you can help me. What happened? Sketchup stopped working and when i opened again, I’ve been asked if I wanted to open the autosaved version, cause it’s the latest. I clicked ‘yes’ but when the file was opened, my model has disappeared…

The name of my model at 3D Warehouse is “Wrecked Model”

If anyone of you has an advice for me I’d be really grateful!!!
THX, Pat F.


Did you also save the file locally or to your cloud account?


Is it possible you inadvertently delete the model from the model space? There are 63 component definitions in the In Model collection but nothing shown in Outliner. At the very least, you could drag the components in from the Components window so you wouldn’t need to rebuild the model entirely.



I guess this result is because I’m using 2017


hi liamk887,
unfortunately I didn’t save the model locally…


Well hopefully you manage to retrieve the model but I would advise to never rely on cloud storage for my models, and always try if possible to create a local copy too.


hi DaveR,
thx for your reply, I guess I’ll do that…


As Kierkegaard said: life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Or in other words: I’m pretty new to sketchup :slight_smile: thx for your advice


Well good luck, it seems like you have a lot of components saved so hopefully it wont take you too long to rebuild it!


Hmm… maybe. Thx for even trying :slight_smile:


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