Delete unseen?


Hi, does anyone know if there is an extension or a way to effectively delete everything not seen in one go i.e hidden geometry, ? I design kitchens which I show as a walk through in animation. It would be great if I could delete everything internal & just leave outer shell visible to keep as a separate model for viewing as they can be very detailed, I do put everything internal on layers but can take some time setting up scenes etc? many thanks.


Hold on, I think you may have answered your own question. If you have everything inside on a separate layer, you would just set up scenes showing the outside with the internal layers switched off. If you do that regularly, you might make it part of a template.

I presume by “hidden” you mean concealed from view and not hidden in the SU sense.


Not on one separate layer, lots of different layers, groups in groups in groups etc. Yes, hidden as in not seen when viewing whole model & cant see anything behind faces!


Doesn’t matter. Let’s say you had the following layers set up:

Interior - shelves
Interior - drawers
Interior - carousel
Interior - mouse nest

Or whatever. In any externally viewed scene, all those would be switched off by default. The nesting of groups/components also doesn’t matter unless you have made the mistake of putting exterior things inside an interior group/component.

Are we sure you are using layers in the approved SU way and not in the standard CAD way?


BTW, you have not completed your profile and that will severely limit the quality of any advice you receive here. Same as talking about issues without uploading a drawing that demonstrates them.


Hi simon, are you saying that if somthing isn’t seen, it isn’t it doesn’t effect speed? If that’s the case then i’m barking up the wrong tree entirely!


Seems you’ve taken me off track somewhat, my initial question was if there was an extension to delete all geometry not on view? why would I need to upload an example for that? Might not exist, but that is what this forum is for… finding out! Never had a problem with helpful replys in all the years I’ve been using this site, regardless of profile. Thanks for input anyway


No, things that are hidden don’t need to be rendered, which reduces the load on the gpu for orbit, pan, zoom. But invisible whether via the hidden flag or a non-visible layer does not prevent edges and faces from “sticking”, so the benefit to editing the model is less. For that you need to isolate edges and faces in groups or components which you can then also make invisible.


Ahh, that makes sense, very helpful thanks.


In answer to your original question, I’m not aware of an extension that does quite what you want, but it wouldn’t be hard to write one.


Would be a very handy tool! Thanks again.

This extension has a setting for deleting ALL hidden geometry.


Effectively what you are asking for is a process that selects only the faces being seen by the camera and creating a skin from that. Giving you a simple facade of a kitchen that looks real but when you open a cupboard there is nothing there, no carcass, no shelves, no draws, not even any thickness to the doors.


Will look at cleanup! Thanks


You got it… exactly that!


Cleanup won’t do what you want if what you want is what @Box has described.

As I suspected, there is some confusion in this thread as a result of your use of the word “hidden”. You can Hide something in SU which just means it doesn’t display (but it’s still there). But I think you meant something that was simply not visible in a particular view. That’s quite different.


I refer you back to my first entry in this thread which clearly states DELETE hidden geometry. Box has understood perfectly & has probably communicated it more eloquently. I have looked into cleanup & if nothing else… it will definitely help.


P.s profile completed! thanks for the tip.


Probably. I apologize for trying to help. It won’t happen again.


Could you tell us what your end use would be with this as it may give us a better option to suggest.
For example if you just want a skin that your clients can look at, you may be able to created a rendered panorama that they can stand in the middle of and rotate around them.
But if you actually want the geometry that’s a different issue.