HELP! Seeing all hidden geometry & it's not turned on!

I have been modeling a pretty object-intense project. Everything has been going fine, other than longer save times, and slightly slower response times. Suddenly last night, I was looking through walls and seeing thousands of little lines that conformed with where I had objects! I immediately checked View to see if I had accidentally selected View > Hidden Geometry, or View > Hidden Objects – I hadn’t! So first I tried selecting them, then turning them off again – that didn’t work. Then I just thought it happened while I was downloading something from the warehouse, so I backed up to see if any of the last ten things I’d done caused this. I went past the most intense of these objects (a riding mower), and nothing undid what had happened more recently, so I definitely had undone more than whatever caused this! But it didn’t change anything! It still looks like the included screenshot. I need to prepare a fly-through today, to be shown at a presentation in Wales on Tuesday – so if anyone could help me I would be SO grateful!

Looks like you have Back Edges turned on. Turn them off again by pressing k.

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Okay, let me try that!

OMG - that was brilliant!!! Immediately worked! I am sending thankful hugs and kisses!!!

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