Deforming a Face/Group with Texture Query

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I’m hoping that this is a simple one, and that there is a straightforward solution.

I’ve attached a Sketchup file of a simple face, (in a group), which has a Mesh PNG applied.

The query is;

Is there a way to deform this group/face, so that it ‘sags’ at the top, rather like a tennis net does, or any other fabric based mesh, when hung on a wire? Ideally to make it sag and drag the texture with it, so that it too sags.

I realise that I have shown a steel mesh, but the mesh here is just for illustration.

I also Mesh - Query.skp (508.6 KB)
realise that I can create a simple curve on the top using the Curve tool, but if I do this, the mesh stays the same, ie, not ‘sagging’.

Would I need something like Artisan to do this?

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PS. Apologies for embedding the file in the middle of a sentence :wink:

Here’s one way using Vertex Tools. (I used QuadFace Tool to subdivide the mesh up front though.)


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Thank you so much @tt_su

This is exactly what I need! Really appreciate the demonstration as well.

On these two extensions, can I ask how stable they are? I know that sounds like an odd question, but I’m always wary about installing extensions in case they mess up the stability of my system.

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Both have been around for years. None of them with destabilize your system. QuadFace Tools have a lot of features - not all of them might be as polished as others. But you’d only notice if you used a given function of it.

Having them installed won’t make SU randomly crash or fail.

Hi Thomas

Absolutely loving the extensions, thank you.


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