Default Tray locked & not responding

I can manage the Tray, but nothing else is happening. It’s locked. Mouse doesn’t work on it, I can’t move it, scroll it, click on anything in it or do anything else with it. Even the PIN doesn’t work.
I can only hide it or not. :frowning:

Please help!

I already reinstall Sketchup, check and updated Windows, CPU and everything. Still don’t working.

How many screens attached?
Remove all but one, check for a pop up that might need action.

It’s working! Hallelujah!

I use 3 screens. And when I had only 1, it changes nothing. But when I used 1 and for the 100th time checked the View - Toolbars, it shows me Options and I had to have the box “Show Screen Tips on toolbars” unchecked.

I just ran into this same problem. none of the the trays (default or otherwise) would accept mouse clicks or typing. The only thing I could do is resize them. Resetting the workspace had no effect.

The solution: View - Toolbars - Options - uncheck 'Show Screentips on toolbars". Then the tray works again.

Why this setting breaks things, and why this fix is necessary, only God and an underpaid software engineer knows.