Day 2 Questions: Stopping splash screen and Housebuilder plugin


Hello! Day 2. Still working through tutorials. A few more questions. Thanks to all who responded to my Day 1’s!

  1. If I make a mistake and accidentally start Sketchup, it goes to a splash screen that doesn’t have a close button. I have to use the Splash screen button to start Sketchup and then close it from inside there. I can’t find a way to disable the splash screen from within Sketchup, but I found plenty of hacks that tell you how to do it. Is there a setting for that?

  2. I have the Housebuilder plugin in my Appdata folder, but when I click a button on the Housebuilder toolbar buttons, nothing happens. Is there something else I need to do, or is this plugin not compatible with Sketchup 2016?

Thanks for all the great help!


There’s one way to stop the splash screen from showing. Get a license for the pro version.

As for the Housebuilder extension, from where did you get it? If you got it from the Ruby Library site, it is incompatible with SketchUp since SU2013. You can get the updated version here.


Thanks, DaveR!

For those who may need it, the ONLY place that has the most recent version of Housebuilder is at the SketchUcation site ( The download link is in the middle of the page in the post that starts off “I guess you haven’t read through this thread. The correct installation process has been give multiple times here.”. When you click the download link, it downloads an .RBZ file, then you just start up Sketchup, go to Windows>Preferences>Extensions, click the Install Extension button, find where you downloaded that .RBZ file, double-click it, and it automatically gets put in the right folders for you, and then you’ll see the Housebuilder toolbar load up on your Sketchup window. BTW, for those who are intimidated by those huge monthly contract banners when you log into SketchUcation, if you scroll down to the Frequently Asked Questions, there is a link to how to sign up with a free account. That will enable you to download that .RBZ file, as well as try-before-you-buy the site.

Then, there are a few videos on YouTube about the Housebuilder plugin that should get us started.


Starting Day 3 :slight_smile:



The link you shared leads to the imperial version of the Housebuilder extension. The link I shared has links to both the imperial and metric versions.