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I am not sure it is the correct place for this so forgive me if it is not.

My firm develops import/export plug-ins for Sketchup for years and we have an automatic validation process for those plug-ins that runs “silently”, meaning that we automatically start a script that launches SketchUp, performs some conversions, closes SketchUp and checks if they are correct.

But since we did the 2015 version, we have a problem : when starting SkecthUp, the splash window does not close until we click on the “Start using SketchUp” button… what the script does not know how to do…

Is there a way to deactive that ? Or a script command to do that ?

Thanks for your help and have a good day.

the ‘splash screen’ is part of Make, you can only turn it off by buying Pro…


oh… OK.

sorry, I didn’t know that…

thanks for your answer anyway :slight_smile:

have a good day

It seems like might benefit from using the SketchUp SDK. With the SDK, your extension could operate on .skp files without the requirement that SketchUp be launched and closed.

I’ll add that you ‘should’ be using the Pro version for product testing as it is a commercial venture…

if you need to test against Make you can disable the pro_only features or you could contact SU about your requirements…


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No problem, moving it to the Developers category.

You and your firm should register as Developers.
and become aware of the changes with regard to the new .rbe encryption, and the Extension Loading Policy feature for SketchUp v 2016 and higher.

The OP is active in the SDK category here, so I suppose they are using it.

This thread is only about running an “unattended” validation test.

Oh, and you used to use some utility “AutoHotkey” or whatever, that might be something they could use to test their importer(s) & exporter(s) ?

I see.

In what scripting language is the control script written?

After the first time of selecting a template in the Welcome screen, you need to do is send the Esc key to the dialog to close it.

There are a number of ways to send the Esc key. Windows Powershell and VisualBasic script are 2 that come with Windows.

Hi Jim,

Yes, you’re totally right and we think about using the SDK instead of the Ruby API. But it will not be until a few months…

But thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Jim, John and Dan,

Thank you :slight_smile:

Our scripts are written in Ruby :slight_smile: And we really think of buying a Pro version for our validation. And I’ll see with my boss if they want to register but there should be no problem :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for you help and information.