How to remove SketchUp splash screen (via VBA code)

I have a VB program that automates Sketchup modeling. When Trimble bought it, they introduced a splash screen whenever Sketchup is launched. How can I remove splash screen? Is there a command line switch? It is ridiculous that my hundreds of hours of programming is destroyed by this feature. In a nutshell, the VBA app runs in Excel and generates a Ruby script to model geometry when Sketchup is launched from VBA.

That splash screen existed before Trimble bought SketchUp. You can turn it off so it doesn’t show on startup if you buy the pro version. You cannot turn it off with SketchUp Make, though.

OK. Thanks for the clarification. I will just keep using old version. It is not commercial application, just for fun to teach myself. If I ever commercialize it (product configurator) I will certainly purchase license.

Just be aware that there are a number of features from SU2013 and before that no longer function.

If you are using VBA to launch SketchUp, then you could probably contrive some additional VBA code with key-stroke mimicking, that runs once the splash-screen appears - so you then close it before running the Ruby part of the script…
There are lots of examples on the www…

Cool, thanks. I also found a Youtube video of a hack that involves editing the Windows registry (scary) to remove splash screen. While on the topic, I would love to find code examples of VB/VBA interacting with Sketchup. My app designs a complete bank vault in 3D with the user just entering basic dimensions and a few options in Excel. Bank vaults in the US are just slabs of concrete with metal shavings mixed in. There is a bit more to it but I digress…

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My app designs a complete bank vault in 3D with the user just entering basic dimensions and a few options in Excel.

The opposite is also quite easy. Having an extension in SketchUp Ruby that reads or writes data to Excel.
SketchUp Ruby is an extension to Ruby specifically for creating SketchUp model geometry. No hacking usually needed. If the user is entering “basic dimensions and a few options” then the SketchUp API’s UI.inputbox may be sufficient.

Ruby is way better than any BASIC. (And MBASIC-80 was my first programming language, then RS Color BASIC, still later GW-BASIC, etc. etc. up through VB. I’ll never go back to BASICs. [pun totally intended.])

See code example posted at SketchUcation:

That is very useful, thanks. Yes, ideally it would be best to have application housed completely within the Sketchup GUI “environment”. I wrote the application way back in early 2008 right before the economic collapse, so building bank vaults dropped to almost nothing. Thanks for your ideas.

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