Eliminate ad in sketchup

every time I open my sketchup 2017 make I see an add for trimble! I want to click on the sketchup icon and go directly to my application and not need to close the window from timble!

I assume you are referring to the Welcome Screen. Is that correct? If so, you can disable it in the Pro version by unticking the box for Show on startup. There is no way to get around it in SketchUp Make.

Please complete your profile with the SketchUp version you are using.

Trimble is an $8B company that owns SketchUp.

Do you complain about the apple logo on your phone too?


If there are actual ads it is because your computer is infected with viruses. If you refer to the splash screen that is simply a start screen with some SketchUp news, info for how you get a license and other SketchUp related content. In SketchUp Pro you can disable the start screen.

your comments sound like a child please do not comment again

I think the whole topic is childish. If it calls itself “Welcome to SketchUp” and has infos for setup and getting started, we may find it useless or even annoying (or maybe useful). But by calling it something so overstated (“ad”) that it is obviously not, you won’t put forward a good start for a factual discussion.


I’d like to see a screenshot.

Please read the PM that I sent to you.

Too bad there isn’t a dislike icon. I would have used it here.