Sketchup Make first use


Having seen the Sketchup video for beginners I decided to downloaded Sketchup Make as I’m interested in a free licence for home hobby use.

On launching, it opens as Style Builder 2017 and I do not get the “Welcome Screen” shown in the video, I get this:

Anyone know what’s going on?



You probably clicked the wrong icon. Try clicking SketchUp 2017 instead of Style Builder 2017.


Thanks but click where?
I clicked on the Sketchup Make link on their website to download and got a SketchUpMake-en-x64.exe which I installed. There is no Sketchup Make icon on my desktop, just Style Builder 2017.


Oops, found it!
There are three icons: Sketchup 2017 / Style Builder 2017 / Layout 2017. What’s the difference?


Here it is. Maybe Windows placed the Sketchup and Layout icons separate from the Style Builder icons because of how the existing icons were placed, I don’t know.


Style Builder and Layout are add-on apps that come as part of the Pro package. When you install Make you get a free 30-day trial of these. At the end of that time, the Pro features turn off and only Make remains.


Thanks everyone. All up and running now!


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