DaveR I need your help

DaveR please help me with the export of my model, I need to export it in stl format and I succeed, but when I want to print it I see that some parts do not want to print, half of the model wants to print and half do not. Can you help me?
Model.skp (4.4 MB)

You need to correct the face orientation on all of the exposed blue back faces. There should be no visible back faces in your model.

Most of the windows are 2D and won’t show up as anything when you make the 3D print. Either delete them or replace them with 3D windows.

Your solar panels aren’t solid due to internal faces so you’ll need to fix them before they’ll print.


Dave can you help me fix that in the program. this is my first time using skechup and i’m not sure i’ll be able to fix those problems

I can try later but I’m about to get started with a student.

What do you want to do with all the flat windows? Just remove them?

Yes, just remove them, solar panels are important to me. Thank you so much for helping me, this is my school project and thank you again

Nice looking model, @DaveFly.

Here’s a video on reversing faces.

  1. Right Click - Select “Reverse Faces” from the menu.
  2. Left Click & Hold - Drag from right to left to select, then Right Click - Select “Reverse Faces” from the menu.
  3. CTRL + Right Click to select faces, then Right Click - Select “Reverse Faces” from the menu.

None of us are here to do your homework for you. We happily teach but you need to use what we teach not expect someone to fix the model for you.


Thank you man😊

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It’s not really homework, because this is something I do because I’m interested and I’ll show it in school. But I know you are not here to do this for me and thank you for all your help and time😊

@DaveFly - Is that your school?

Yes, that’s my school😅, It doesn’t look great, but for the first time it’s good at least I think so😊

I think it looks like a good start. One of the first things I did when I was learning SketchUp and some other tools was to draw a school I went to when I was younger. I guess I thought, “I’m learning, so I better go back to school”.

Here are some videos of the school: 1 Google Earth Meets Point Cloud at Local High School - YouTube

See the reversed faces

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I will, I hope it fixes the printout

Sorry. It got late last night night.

I wound up removing all of the windows and doors because they were going to require a lot of work to make printable. I had to fix the PV panels to make them printable as well.
Model printable.skp (329.0 KB)
Model printable.stl (779.1 KB)

A couple of key things to keep in mind. Edges in SketchUp are really only there to define the limits of faces. Edges will not show in a 3D print so the grid you had modeled on your PV panels would not have shown in the print. In the process of cleaning up your model to make it printable, those edges were lost.

If you intend to do more modeling for 3D printing here are a few tips.

Face orientation is important. It tells the printer which side of the face is air and which side is the print media. Stay on top of face orientation as you model.

In order to be printable, SketchUp needs to identify objects (groups and components) as solid. In simple terms that means every edge must be shared by exactly two faces. No more and no fewer. So no stray edges, no holes in surfaces, and no internal faces. There are tools like Solid Inspector 2 that can help you identify problems but understanding them in the first place and learning to avoid creating them goes a long way to making the modeling process easier and faster.

What units are you planning to use for printing? Millimeters?

Yes, I will use millimeters and thank you so much for helping me fix it, you saved me.