Faces not working for 3d Print

Can anyone please have a look and help me to fix this model? thank you
BaseTEST.skp (1.2 MB)


A key problem is the exposed back faces. There should be no blue back faces exposed.

There are also internal faces and stray edges which you can see if you use Xray for the face style.

In order to be considered a solid and 3D printable every edge must be shared by exactly 2 faces. No more and no less. And all faces have to be correctly oriented. The back faces are towards the print media and the white front faces toward air.

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Here it is cleaned up and reports as a solid.

I purged the unused stuff out of your file, too. Compare it to your model.
BaseTEST solid purged.skp (50.7 KB)

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Thank you for your help. im opening your file now to check. one thing, when i right clicked and change face orientation, the blue went white but when i tried to print it made no difference.

Did you clean up the garbage inside?

Thanks bud. i opened your file and it fixed my problems, also i learned something, so thanks again. i still have a few things to add but i am sure that would be perfect

i never used xray, so never saw it. i thought it would be clean as the radius was a paste frpm the model i printed for this base, i then just extruded a square and connected the triangles

Looks like the internal faces and other geometry were probabl;y there before you put in the radius.

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I added all the other elements, it looks great. thanks for your help.
just to recap. all you did is 1. orient faces 2. xray view to clean inside and connect if anything isn’t connected properly …

Yes. That’s what I did. Then I made it a group to see that SketchUp reported it as solid.

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