Date and Time changed on computer effected my SketchUp Pro trial


I was using Sketchup Pro 2015 trial, my son changed the date of the computer and when I set it back Sketchup says my trail is over and I have to purchase a licence. I have deleted the program and re-installed as personal projects, downloaded file is Sketchup make, but once installed and opened again it says sketchup pro user expired and to add licence.

No matter what I do I cant tell it that I want to use the make version, there is no option for that. Please help

How to use SketchUp Make 2015 after Pro Trial expires?
How to use SketchUp Make 2015 after Pro Trial expires?

@benarjacklin: Are you running on Windows or Mac OS? When have you downloaded the installer?


I have windows 8.1, I initially downloaded Sketchup make in December 14, but it ran as the free pro version until last week when I assume my son changing the date on computer triggered the licence issue. I have just re-installed make now and it still opens to the license required page.


Did you re-install using the download from December? If so, would you please download the latest version and try again?


Yes two days ago I had downloaded the file again from the page where it asked me why I planned to use sketchup and I selected personal projects. It just said my license had expired but no way to convert to make.

However today I have just downloaded the Sketchup make file for windows 64 bit from and it has worked. This page does not ask me if i intend to use for personal projects or not, i just downloaded the Make version without the pro facility.



The date being changed seems to be a common theme after loading the 2015 Pro trail and with the number of people reporting this it is not a coincidence - THIS IS HAPPENING AS PART OF OF BUG IN THE DOWNLOADED LICENSE FILE! and needs to be fixed and a solution made available to delete the hidden file. FYI: I had the same thing happen on my laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate and this caused major problems with accessing other programs and many hours on the phone with technical support to regain control of these programs. My desktop however, running Windows 7 Home Premium changed over to Make at the end of the trail. I downloaded the Pro trial to both machines on 11/4. No amount of cleaning up of the Pro files from the laptop allows me to load the Make version which was the one I wanted in the first place anyway - no need for the Pro version for home use.