Trial Licence Error

Hello All,
Yesterday i was using the trail version of sketchup with 23 days remaining, after installing the latest windows update it now says that the trial has expired, this is very irritating given i was mid way through a project and now have no way to finish it or view the files without paying for a licence. I look forward to your swift responses.

Hello, as a temporary solution I can open your file in sketchup 2018 and save it in a previous one so you can work on it in sketchup make.
you tell me !

That would be great, how should I send them over?

you can upload it here as a .zip file if it’s not too heavy. If it is use any file uploading platform (such as wetransfer) and paste the link !
Give that a try

here are your files converted

I’d be irritated with Microsoft, too, if this happened to me when they install updates. It looks like Paul will help you get back to working on your project. You might try contacting your reseller’s customer support to see if they can reinstate the SU2018 trial period.

I have also logged a support ticket on the main customer support, and we will see where that goes but unitl then at least i can get on.

Thanks for your help, its very good of you

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