Datasmith unable to recognize Sketchup 2021

When trying to install Datasmith for UE 5.2 plugin into Sketchup. I get this install Error: No supported version of SketchupPro found. I have SU Pro 2021 on Windows 10. The Extension was working and suddenly disappeared from Sketchup and when I tried reinstalling it I got this message attached, which said Error: No supported version of SketchupPro found.

I am using UE5.2 and Sketchup Pro 2021

P.S. Here is a thread that I found on this issue Datasmith can’t find my SketchUp Pro - #6 by scamp1962


I’ve also attached my Direct X Diagnosis file as per their recommendation in the thread.
DxDiag.txt (140.7 KB)

According to their website it should support SketchUp 2021. You should contact them to see if they can help you diagnose the issue.

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I did, i did not get a reply till now. I messaged them yesterday

… also, in the UE forum thread you linked, are instructions on running the Datasmith installer in active logging mode so as to generate a log file. To use the command given in the post, you need to open a Command shell in administrative mode.

Start Menu > Windows System > (then Right-Click the Command Prompt icon) > More > Run as administrator

I did it! Thank God, i found out that Sketchup was not recognized as an installed program ( Which is very strange) When I tried to uninstall it wasn’t showing, then I used the Sketchup uninstaller to remove it and reinstalled it again and it showed up, then I install the datasmith extension and it worked. Thanks anyway for your time gentlemen