Why isn't my Unreal Datasmith Sketch up exporter extension not showing in the menu?

I’ve already downloaded sketchup pro and twin motion 2022. I also downloaded an extension called Unreal Datasmith Sketch up exporter(from this link https://www.twinmotion.com/en-US/docs/UsingTwinmotion/GettingYourContentIntoTwinmotion/DatasmithPlugins/UsingTheDatasmithPluginsWithSketchupPro/installing-datasmith-sketchup-mac) to try and connect my sketchup pro to my twin motion. But after downloading the extension, it didn’t show up in the dropdown. I’m also consistently getting this error whenever I open sketchup.

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Hello it seems you installed the 32 bits version and you need the arm64 version. (I guess you have a M1 processor)
Uninstall it and install the proper version

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No difference between the 32 vs 64 bit installers… datasmith should autodetect the proper operating system architecture and Sketchup version.
I’m pretty sure he just downloaded the Windows version which is default if you click the big blue download button.
One should browse the dropdown menu and select the mac installer (which is the same for all mac os computers regardless the architecture)

The error message states that a bundle was found but is the wrong architecture. Windows installers do not run on Mac platforms and do not install bundles, they install DLLs.

Bitness is most likely not an issue here.

FYI, This has been reported in the Datasmith forums:

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Thank you so much. This solved my problem. For other people who also run into this problem, you have to download an application called Rosetta. You can download rosetta by opening the terminal app and entering: softwareupdate --install-rosetta. And just following whatever it says. I restarted my computer and found SketchUp in finder, right-clicked, clicked get more info, clicked the checkbox for open with rosetta. I then was able to find the datasmith plug-in under the extensions dropdown.