Datasmith Unreal export not Showing In SketchUp File Export (Mac)

Datasmith Unreal export not Showing In Sketchup File Export.

Downloaded Datasmith and the Unreal type export is not showing up in file export. I am on a mac. I have the new 2020 sketchup and new Unreal engine

The exporter installer shows it only “knows” about version 2017, 2018 and 2019, viz:



Luke I (on MS Windows) was able to copy the DLL library from an older version of SketchUp.
And it appears to work, at least a .udatasmith file was exported of around 1.7Mb.

On Windows installs of compiled exporter libraries are in a “Exporters” subfolder of SketchUp’s program subfolder.

I don’t know off hand how these things are installed on a Mac. Perhaps a bundle or a dylib.
EDIT: I looked around and could not find a Mac plugin.

But it does seem like it’s available

Of course it is. I downloaded it and installed it this morning.

If you read the page, it tells you that the download is a .msi archive (which is a Microsoft Windows Installer package that requires the MS Installer executable… a component of the Windows operating system.)

In your initial post … you mention downloading but not installing.
If you attempt to run a .msi file on MacOS what happens ? (I think nothing.)

So …

… do you expect that magically things in your Downloads folder are installed into applications ?

Regardless, all applications that have “plugins” or “extensions” need them installed in the correct manner so they become available to the application. Do not expect that all such plugins / extensions will be compatible with all operating systems or versions of the application.

SketchUp has been around for 20 years, and in that time it’s Ruby extension “engine” has had many updates. So some of the free extensions still lurking around can no longer run within SketchUp.


Okay … so what is it you did do that made you expect it should be working ?
Again, you only mentioned downloading … so I’m confused.

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Never mind, I am just trying to export the stuff I have been working on.

Hi Luke, did you ever find the solution to this?

If you go to their plugins download page using your Mac, does the Datasmith download for SketchUp plugin give you a .msi package or a dmg package ?

If it’s a msi package (like it is when I go there on my PC,) then there is only a Windows plugin.

I would think in that case, then you would need to run Windows on a virtual machine (Bootcamp or Parallels) and the Windows edition of SketchUp to create content for Unreal Engine.