Datasmith File Type option not showing to save

HI, I have an issue with not being able to export a Datasmith 3D file. I have installed Sketchup 2022 as admin and I have installed Datasmith without Sketchup running. Everything looks fine at first glance in Sketchup when restarting everything. I have the tool Pallet show up and I can save the assets and textures for the model fine but when I go the export the 3D Model the file type for Datasmith is not in the options. Does anyone have a clue as to what the issue might be? I’m on PC. Thanks

The options for export with datasmith do not appear in the SketchUp export menu. Export is one of the buttons on the custom datasmith extension tool pallet.

It is on the tool pallet and I have used it… It successfully saves the textures and assets but I don’t see a file that is the model.

When you export using the extension you should be prompted to choose a save location. No?

What program are you trying to link to? Unreal Engine or Twinmotion?

I’ve tried that as well. I go strait to the Datasmith option form the tool bar and the 4th option is there and when I choose it… it still gives me no datasmile file extension option to export.

linking to Unreal for now but I have just downloaded Twinmotion as well. I plan on using this for Architectural Visualization.

I can choose where to save it. so it does give me a save location. no file name extension listed so when I save I get a file but nothing can seem to read it. it looks like a text file very small size… when I to open in Unreal then I see the assets folder and textures folder but nothing inside them shows up. The “datasmilth file” that it did make cant be seen at all with Unreal…

That button only exports datasmith format. You need to have Twinmotion already running on the same computer before you export for the link to be established.

Thank YOU!! I was able to load into Twinmotion!

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:+1:. Once the link is established you can push updates from SketchUp through the datasmith tool bar.

Thanks, Huge help getting started!

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SKU Pro 19 to UNREAL ENGINE 5.02
( I don’t have a newer SKU and don’t want the online subscription option!)

I have a similar issue. When I click in extension choose Datasmith >export
I get NOTHING in the file type line!


and everything in the file name Most unusual and file type is like greyed out
I also not the usual green line, like when I export as fbx
I see a file in UNREAL engine but only the materials
can’t make anything show and build.

Any input, help advise anyone? Thanks