Datasmith exporter plug in

Hi, I installed the Datasmith Exporter Plug-In, (will use it for TwinMotion), it is activated in the Extension Warehouse, but it simply does not appear as a “button”, and also not in the menu as export option.
I would appreciate help with that. Does anyone know how to activate it properly?
Many things in advance!

Maybe you find this plug-in when right click on tools icons? Then mark it.

I looks as if the Datasmith exporter does not currently work with M1 Macs.
Here is a posting from the Unreal forum with a workaround to open SketchUp under Rosetta Hopefully this will be temporary


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THanks Sturnus and Chris!! I googled around a bit, and in fact there is an issue about Datasmith and the M1. I forced Sketchup to run through Rosetta, and the Plug in Loads. Works fine. I hope This will be fixed soon.
Thank you guys for the quick response and help!

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