D5 will not open


The SketchUp software no longer responds when we click on the software: D5 render, to render.

We have tried with other skp files (heavier) and D5 render opens correctly.

We purged the drawing, components, tags etc…

We also used CleanUp, and purged the drawing in the model info section.

There’s something inside the drawing that’s generating the anomaly.

Do you know what could be causing the problem?

First hypotheses: problem with skp drawing and not with D5 render software / problem with components…

Photo attached.

Update your graphics card driver. Try removing all materials from the model. Post the model if you can. You could also try asking from the D5 Render people.

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Another possibility is to try, copying and pasting the model into a new instance of SketchUp.

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Share your file so that someone with D5 can test as well. Also, have you contacted D5?

(I also changed your title so it is more likely to attract another D5 user)

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Graphics card driver : Update.
We don’t undersand : ‘‘Try removing all materials from the model’’. If we removing all materials, we don’t have the model anymore ? Why remove all materials ?
I’m going to post the model skp.
Because, after the thought, maybe the probleme is into sketchup.

We have copying and pasting the model into a new intance and working now with D5 render.

I’m going share the model skp.
Because maybe the problem is SketchUp.

Thank you for your help.

SketchUp bug and crash.

00 - Planos -Dormitorio.skp (10.6 MB)
Sans titre.skp (10.8 MB)

I have taken a quick look at your models, there are a number of things that should be addressed. Perhaps @DaveR could assist.

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I looked at the two files. Mostly I just see a little incorrect tag usage.

Screenshot - 8_3_2023 , 9_13_24 AM

A little bit of unused stuff to purge, too. Strange to have multiple copies strung out along the red axis.

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I suspect there is something in the file that is confusing the converter - SketchUp never crashes for me , it is just waiting for something to happen that doesn’t (D5 converter not opening I suspect)

If you open D5 first and do it, it all happens just fine.

There are some entities called:


I’ve got a feeling a ? in itself is enough to break a filename in windows.

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“Default tag geometry” is that a plugin or a script you use to explore files?
Looking for instruments to troubleshoot some lagging models.
Can you share your favourite tools (methods) you use in you practice?

We have multiple copies because we have to do multiple version of the same room.

How did you do for find the problem ?
What is the solution ?
How can we do for usage the tag correct ?

Can you send me the purged model or do we have to do something specific with the model?

We don’t understand : "There are some entities called:


I’ve got a feeling a ? in itself is enough to break a filename in windows."

I used some basic techniques to fix your model. To correct the tag usage I used a plugin from Sketchucation called Default Layer Geometry. To purge the unused stuff from the file I used another plugin called Purge All, also from Sketchucation. You can purge unused by going to Model Info>Statistics and clicking on Purge Unused. The plugin does the same thing. I use it because it also gives a report of how much was purged.

For tag usage, the best thing is to make sure you are working correctly in the first place and leave all edges and faces untagged. Check objects you might import into the model before you import them. Open them in a separate file first and clean them up. After they are clean, add them to your project.

I didn’t save them but you can purge them as I described, above. I doubt that will change anything regarding the use of D5. I only did it because @RLGL ping me in his comment before mine.

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Thank you for your solution and your help.

Why i leave the edges and faces untagged ?
Can i do some groups with the edges and faces ?
For example : Group : Wall west ? o it’s better without nothing ?