D5 render extension with SketchUp / D5 Livesync for SketchUp

It turns out that it is not signed.
It is blocked and I don’t understand why, previously it worked normally. Plz help

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says Free Plan 2021? There is no Free Plan 2021 unless you are using a crack code.

What operating system? 2021 is not an operating system. What graphics card? “Graphics” does not answer that question.

Fix your forum profile.

It may be that you’ve set unsigned extensions to not load. It might be something related to your SketchUp license.

I think I misstated that it’s free, it’s pro and that’s why it worked well before and I don’t know if it’s because of the new version of D5 render

I’m new in this and I just see that there is a community to support each other, to help each other.

Put the right information in your forum profile.

Yes. But to get help you have to put the right information in your forum profile. Don’t make it difficult for use to help you.

Go to the Settings in Extension Manager and share a screenshot of the loading policy you have selected.

An extension not being signed doesn’t prevent it from working - it just means it was never submitted to Trimble to be signed.

On the extension manager screen , choose settings and change it to allow unsigned extensions (which is actually the default)