Cutting a corrugated sheet in half

Hi all,

I’m wondering what is the easiest way to cut a corrugated sheet (e.g. a shipping container wall) in half. I have a detailed model of a 20’ shipping container and I need to be able to remove / move part of one wall from the model.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


if pro use solid tools trim a solid to the sheet if solid. perhaps better to load the model so one can advise accordingly.

Use the Intersect function on the r–click context menu. I’m not sure how you want to cut it…whether it can be done with a simple plane (like removing the entire top half of the container) or whether you need a cuboid (like removing a rectangular window area, or taking a bite out of one wall and the top)

In either case, draw a plane or a cuboid to the appropriate size, then group it and position it, intersecting with the raw geometry of the container. If the container is still grouped, then you’ll need to cut/paste in place the cutter inside the container group. When you’re happy with the position, r-click the cutter and choose Intersect > with model…or if it’s inside the container group, with context.
The cutter will then “print” its intersection on the geometry of the container and you can then delete it and remove everything inside the edges.

Perfect. Thanks so much!!