[CutList] Entering material types in entities

I have Sketchup make 2016 and I also have CutList plus fx silver addition. Is there a way that I can enter the material type or name in the entities box in Sketchup so when I transfer the project to CutList the material is already there and I won’t have to enter all the materials myself. I noticed in the entities box that there is a place that says “Type” but I can not enter anything there. I am sure that this is explained somewhere in the tutorials but I have yet to find it.

That is for Classifications (most often used with BIM.)

If you’re using the CutList extension by Steve Racz from the Extension Warehouse, it reads the material/color you’ve painted onto the faces to fill the Material column. You can just use flat colors if you want. Rename them to the wood species you’re working with.