Cutlist 4.1.12 Compability with Sketchup 2016

Anyone know if Cutlist 4.1.12 is compatible with Sketchup 2016

I think you can try it faster than posting a question here?!
(I’ve not tried it, but I bet it’s compatible)

Yep. It works just fine with SU2016. I use it all the time.

Thank u Dave. I am going 2 install it.

Wayne the Woodworker

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Hi Dave

How do I get material to show up in my cutlist printout?

I don’t see any way to assign materials in the materials tray.

Wayne the Woodworker

SketchUp User Guide: Applying Colors, Photos, Materials, and Textures

Hi Wayne,

You can apply materials to the components by selecting them from the Materials library. See the link Dan provided. when you run CutList, it’ll give you the materials.

If all you really need to do is sort between sheet materials and solid wood, you can include a “Sheet” word to the component name so they get sorted into the Sheet Materials section. You can add words to the Sheet Materials section if you want, as well.

Anyone have this issue?

This plugin stopped working. Period. Click on “Run” and nothing happens. No error messages, no nothing.

I first installed CutList on Aug 15, 2016.

It worked fine until after installing Windows updates and restarting computer.
Opened same file in SketchUp after restart and now CutList will not work.
I did uninstalling the plugin (even checked the plugin dir to make sure nothing was there) and delete everything from the registry that had to do with the plugin, I think…

Also, when I re-installed the plugin, the plugin settings that I had saved previously were still there. Does anyone know where this plugin saves the settings? In the registry? If so, I guess that I didn’t delete everything that had to do with this plugin.

SketchUp 2016 Make. Windows 10.

I use the CutList extension all the time and have never had any problem with it not working.

You might check to see that IE is up to date and that its security settings aren’t too strict.

I uninstalled the Windows 10 update. Changed all the IE settings to the lowest possible security settings. Nothing.

I eventually uninstalled/reinstalled SketchUp and now Cutlist works.

Wouldn’t ya figure.

Cutlist stopped working again. But, I cannot be beat!!!
This time I found out what the issue was. Some how “Nominal thickness margin” was blank which kept Cutlist from running. I really don’t want to believe that this was the cause all along after having uninstalled everything. It’s a real pain to arrange all the plugins.

I still have to install the Windows updates to see if that had anything to do with the issue the first time.