Cut windows through double walls if color & lines added to outer wall

The other day I made window openings through double walls. (See the attached It works without lines & colors.gif.)

Today I tried the same thing except color and lines had been added to the outer walls. It did not work. (See the attachment called Trying to remove window openings.gif).

The architect I’m working with wants the walls covered with 9" wide boards. It would be much more work to add the boards after the window openings were made.

How can I make the window openings after the lines and colors have been added?

It works without lines & colors 2
Trying to remove window openings
Tube with Windows, wallboards & colours~.skp (205.1 KB)

In the following video, I enter the group and select each of the lines using left click + control.

I then use the move tool and press control to copy all of the lines and move them to the face of the boards.

Then they are deleted.

What is the purpose of making a rectangle, making it a group, immediately exploding it, then push pulling it? Just draw the rectangle on the surface within the group / component you wish to modify. You seem to be making this harder than it needs to be.

Regarding the lines - you will have to manually delete them - you have pushed a surface into other geometry, so SketchUp does not auto-magically know what your intent is there - if you want to test out why - draw your rectangle on the side with the lines and start to push pull it through - you will have multiple surfaces to work with.

The color has not bearing on how push pull works.

I agree with what bmike wrote.

But another thing I noticed is that your rectangle was misplaced, or you accidentally grabbed some geometry on the edge of the window and moved it over a bit. You can see in your video that the rectangle tool goes all over the place (or goes on the plane of the outside ‘boards’ and then to the window opening in the wall). One reason for that is your group axes are not aligned with your model axes. This makes using inferencing more difficult than it needs to be.

Here are a few thoughts:

You can use the Move Tool and then press control (CRTL) to copy and place.

For example, in the video below, I select the edges, then used Move + CTRL. I typed the distance (7’ 11’) to move the copy to where it needs to be. Then I entered x2 to create another copy, spaced at 7’ 11"

The same thing applies to your lines (no need to lay them out with all of the guides).

Here I selected the line. Turned on the Move Tool and selected the line. I started moving the line and pressed CTRL to copy it. I clicked on the guide (but I could have entered the distance, 9"). I placed the line and then entered 40 to make 40 copies.

Change axes to make inferencing easier.

Here I just changed your Group into a Component because it’s an easy way to change the axes. Try drawing like that to see if it feels more natural. And try using the inferencing arrows.