Custom orb metal ridge capping

Hi, ive just started using sketchup for modelling them exporting the model to artlantis. Ive bought 1001bit pro for the Custom orb metal roof profile which is great, but it doesnt automatically apply a metal ridge capping, in his tutorial pdf it shows it in there, but he doesnt answer my emails, does anyone know a way to do this, its the only thing holding me back from fully adopting sketchup and showing my staff how to use it, but i can find the answers anywhere, help please!

You know that you can upload an example image and/or model? Google translator don’t translate “colorhond profile” for me and I don’t know where to start…

Hi, i have updated the post, there was a few typos and i will also upload an image, thank you


You need to be a lot less vague if we’re to be able to help you.
Where is this “tutorial pdf” you’re referring to?
Do you mean the 1001bit Pro2 User Guide?

There are ridge caps depicted in the 1001bit Pro2 User Guide.
However, they’re simple flat faces; nothing like the shapely ridge caps depicted in the image you shared above.

Given the 1001bit Pro2 extension has no dedicated ‘ridge cap tool’ you’ll need to resort to other tools.
The Extrude Along Path tool provided by the extension might do the job.

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