Need Artist To Make Metal Buildings Models 15-30 Total

I am looking to have several SketchUp models made. Metal buildings showing different applications of my products from Over time 15-30 different models.

Artist needs to have a good understanding of architecture/construction especially for metal buildings, airplane hangars, garages, sheds storage facilities etc.

Each component needs to be on its own layer so I can delete parts of a layer to make a video or screenshot.

See picture called “Blue Guide” for terms for metal buildings.

The first model is called a “Red Iron” metal building. See images Red1 and Red2 for reference. I need a smaller version of the Red2 building. Dimensions 60’x40’x12’ tall on sidewalls and 14’ in the center. The end will have two openings a small door and overhead door. I do not need doors, just openings.

Here are all the layers I need:

    • Concrete slab. Exterior metal will hang over edge of slab by 1⁄2” and past top edge ofslab by 1”
    • Red Iron Frame with Z purlins. With L brackets on slab to line up vertically with Z purlins
    • Foil/White 6mm BlueTexInsulation (BT) with tape edge running up/down on sidewalls –overlapped 2” White layer to the inside. The BlueTex needs to come over the top purlinand attach on top side (wrap around corner of framing)
    • 3” Foil tape running up/down on exterior of BlueTex covering seams.
    • Foil/White BlueTexInsulation with tape edge running up/down on roof slopes –overlapped 2” Each piece will go over the ridge and connect to the first purlin on the other side. The space between the top two purlins will have two layers of BlueTex. The BlueTex needs to come over the eave edge an connect to the top wall side of the eave purlin. (This corner will have a small section of the BT overlapping.)
    • Screws/washers through BT into metal framing. Typically 2 screws at bottom and 2 at top of wall. 2 at eave and 2 at building ridge.
    • Plastic Strips. These are 4’ Blue plastic strips that are hollow that have an adhesive peel and stick back. They are applied on the outside of the BT on the foil side directly on the flat parts of the Z purlins to create a 1⁄2” space. See image “spacer sidewall”. This image shows the spacers going up/down. I need them running left/right for this model.
    • Metal Skin – walls/gable ends. Metal panels that run up/down on side walls (typically 36” wide)
    • Metal Skin – Roof panels. Metal panels that run up/down the roof slope (typically 36” wide) – they will hang over the side metal 3”
    • Metal Screws – Show metal screws through metal, BT spacer, BlueTex and Z Purlin
    • (Optional) Gable end fan and louver
    • Trim – Corners/roof ends/ridge. After this model, I want to make basically the same model for existing buildings and show the installation as a retrofit application. The install is basically the same except it is installed on the INSIDE of the building.

If we work well together, I’d like to do 15-30 more models using some of the same components but many different types of buildings and applications.

Red1 Red 3 Red 3

Roof-insulation Eve Purlin Building Outside

Ed, make sure that whomever you hire is properly qualified and licensed to do the work. Users of versions such as Sketchup Free are not qualified. Seth’s profile indicates he is using the free web version so that disqualifies him to do what you are asking.

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I’m an architect located in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve done a number of these types of buildings. I may have interest in this project. Contact me if you wish to talk further.

Thanks, good info.

Recently retired professional engineer with experience in design and construction of metal building projects (primarily solid waste transfer stations). Solid autoCAD experience with recent Sketchup experience. Sketchup projects have been primarily metal building models for public presentations. I am interested in Sketchup projects as a part time effort.

Let know if you would like to discuss further