Looking for experienced modeler commercial steel and residential Sketchup and/or Tekla - individual or business

Hello I am a Structural Engineer and General Contractor

I am looking for someone to create base models in Sketch up for me to fine tune if I must.
They are steel structures for commercial and residential use.
Not large typically under 100’ x 100’
Need to show columns beams pan deck concrete window openings stairs everything that would be considered a dry in package.
Need quick turn on sketches for client presentations

current jobs are steel foundation frames on the side of mountain. Has a concrete retaining wall element with large beams and columns attached to and below concrete walls.

I prefer to do hand sketch with some dimensions and send picture to you - as long as the dimensions are held the model will be all that is needed to start our work. Once land cleared and surveyed (drone) then we will tweek column lengths, cantilever deck and pool surfaces. Residential is very similar. more detail in residential will be needed.

Have a 40 x 60 pavillion with 4 moment frames connected by purlins over head
This was awarded based on autocad drawing, I would like to create this with sketchup.
Level of detail and presentation quality is key, i currently use Autodesk and am looking for the 3D and shading aspects available with Sketch up.

We do fabricate much of our red iron and am not certain if Sketchup can get to that level of detail for hole and weldment detailing. Educate me!

Communication is a must.

Please reply to mail@xbtengineering.com

Thank you


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