Consulting for Metal Roofing Company



Hi there,

I am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction.

We are a metal roofing company with 4 unique profiles that I am thinking we would like to get modeled and made useable as repeatable objects inside Sketchup.

We have a 5th profile which is just Standing Seam, but the others have a enough of a distinct pattern, that I need some help and advice on. Is this a good forum for finding freelancers, or is there a better place to look?

I am looking for freelance help with:
• Finished geometry (5 profiles + some accessories like ridge caps and valleys)
• Useable in Sketchup for different size roofs etc.
• Perhaps some consulting + training on how to do ourselves, or someone who can do on an on-going basis as we get requests from the sales team.

Right now, we do Photoshop mockups over top of potential customer homes, but I think results from Sketchup are going to be potentially more efficient (I think) and look better.

Would appreciate any feedback.

If this is not the right place to post this, then apologies in advance.




This is the right forum for that, Rob. I expect you will find a SketchUp Pro user who can help you out. (If I had the time, I’d offer my services. After 3D Basecamp next week, I’ll have more time)


Hi Rob,

I can help you with this. I will private message you with my contact information.

  • Tom


I just replied to your Request searching for a Freelancer at another website. I’m VERY Much interested in participating on this Project.

Consider a Live Chat Video Interview.



Hi Rob,
I do know a person with great skills in design, SU,Autocad,Inventor
If you want me to contact him let me know