Curved wall with cylindrical material projection - live component

Here is a curved wall live component with cylindrical material projection.
The geometry is obtained by deformation of flat rectangular faces.
Rectangular and subdivided faces receive their UVs, then they are deformed into a curved face.

You can define the finished dimensions of the wall (Height, thickness)
The bend angle, radius, and number of bend segments.

The repetition coefficients of the material in U and V are calculated according to the ratio of proportion between the dimensions of the wall and the dimensions of the texture.
Two additional options to fall on an integer number of repetitions and to adjust the UV U of the outer wall to align the seams by deformation.

Here is a demonstration GIF

Here is the graph link

Here is the 3DWarehouse link

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That is an impressive solution!


It remains to make the spherical projection!
Another story !

Wow! Great use of the set points node after projecting the UV!

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well done Simon

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