How to correctly apply materials to "follow me" surfaces?


Having the same issue for years…how do I correctly apply materials to curved “follow me” extrusions, which end up looking jagged instead of homogeneous? See pic…(where do I attach a pic?)


Hi @ewhiting
You can simply drag and drop an image into the forum editor or use the upload button in the forum editor toolbar:


There are different ways:

  • create a projected texture and aplly to surface
  • use a plugin like ThruPaint (part of FredoTools) or SketchUV


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This can be done with native tools. You may have to keep continually resampling the texture as you round the curve to keep the pattern aligned.


Texture Issue - Rendering in a Circular Pattern

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I just tried it, it is faster and the result does not seem to warp slightly near the edges of the curve like a projected texture sometimes do


I’m not sure how to create a projected texture…I did it once for a terrain I think if that is the same thing.


What I do is create a plane perpendicular to the curve i want to project to (same size as the curve) and then apply the material to it, right click and select texture -> projected. Then, with alt+bucket to sample from it and then bucket to paint on the hidden geometry of the curve


Just keep in mind that the more pronounced the curvature of the surface you’re painting with a projected texture, the more distortion you can expect. As the surface curves away from being perpendicular to the projected rays of the texture, the image becomes more and more elongated, until the distortion eventually becomes unacceptable at some point you decide. This kind of distortion doesn’t occur with the other method I demonstrated. Choose your poison (as it were).



This worked great (see image)! However I do think the guy moved a bit closer since the last render.
Show hidden geometry, sample the previous segment, paint the next segment.
I think the projected texture might be helpful in some circumstances.



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Projected texture is extremely useful in a range of situations, just not this one.



The Extension Profile Builder 2 will apply textured materials automatically even if the extrusion path is curved.