Projection of a texture on a loft

Hello All

I used the ‘project UV’ node to position a fabric texture on a sofa made with the loft node, but as there is only possibility( in my limited knowledge) to change the projection in X in Y or in Z, it does not not work for my sofa ?
is there another solution to put a texture on a curved shape?
it’s not very serious, once in sketchup I apply a plugin like sketchUV or Thruepaint, but I prefer to put my textures in the graph if possible ?
Thank you in advance for your answers

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Hi tenrev,

At the moment the project uv node only projects in a single direction (XYZ), but is something that we want to look at improving on!

Otherwise, this is considered a bug as a lofted geometry should have the capability for UV’s by default (without having to project them). I have logged it with our team.



Hello Cameron
thank you for your information, I hope that we will soon be able to apply a texture to curved shapes it was you who helped me with the randomly positioned books? thank you for the help it’s really cool and I really like live components, I have a lot of creative projects in mind in the end I’m pretty happy with my first live component, I just touched up the texture in the end in sketchup
.my live component demo