Curved Solid subtract problem

Hello Friends,
I have made airplane wing.

Now I have to make a square hole in it, for that i insert another solid square bar in it.

Than i subtract square bar from that wing , hole is done, but another part also subtract from wing. This is the problem.

Please guide how to resolve this problem.

Looks like you are running into the Tiny Face issue.
Have a look here.

Here you can see wing and solid square bar.

upload your model .skp file…


Thanks for reply . . .

example.skp (1.2 MB)

Please subtract square bar from wing, you will notice, square hole generate but some part of wing also subtract. . .

Spelling mistake # substrate = subtract

Indeed this is a tiny face issue as you are working quite small. @Box has provided a link to the Dave method of working on very small pieces which is your solution here. After making the wing a component and scaling a version of it to 100x I was able to cut a hole without disturbing any geometry. Erase the larger one when you are done editing. If you are building an airplane at this size you might consider up scaling the entire project, then re-scaling when you’re done.

example2.skp (1.2 MB)

Many thanks for solution

Thank you very much for your solution

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