Curved shelves help

Hi all!!

I m trying to create some curved shelves , something like this image … I am a beginner sketchup user, I d appreciate any sort of help!


Do you plan to try and build or just model?
The first step is read up in the help on photo match. The photo you show is straight on so out of plane edges are fore shorten and you will not be able to get dimensions. You want mutlple prespective views so take more pics of the site if you can
In addition you will probably want Frdeo’s Bezier tool set plugin which will help with the creation of more organic curves. Some Bezier curves have control points which which are not on the edge and some that are. Find that at the Skecthucation
fourm [Plugin] BezierSpline - v2.2a - 22 Apr 21 • sketchUcation • 1.
Good luck!

Thank you so much for your help! I am not planning on building, I just need to model something similar , I will read the photo match topic, and also that plugin looks great! I often have to change my design purely because I can’t model what I want on sketchup and it s quite frustrating! So thanks for your tip!

I wouldn’t bother with plugins, rather just use the native tools: Push/Pulling a rectangle a bit, then Scale, Move and Rotate in incremental steps, Like below:

Tips for using native tools in a more “organic” manner are a part of the Tweaking Tool Tips pages.

Thanks so much for this tip, I think it sounds easier than the plugins (I downloaded them and it s taking me a while to understand how to use them properly!).
Would you be able to show me how to I could begin the job with this method? im struggling to create the very first step!

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