Curtain wall Profile Width

Hi Friends,

As far as I’m concern there is no a customizable plugin for curtain wall. The method I use is as follow:

  • Draw the lines with the divisions in autocad.
  • Use JHS Powerbar plugin to turn the line into a surface in SU.
  • Lattice maker plugin to create the profile.

The main issue I’m facing is that profile on the boundary of the shape using Lattice maker will be half size of the mullions in between. Meaning if I set the profile width to be 25mm then the mullions will be 50mm while the transom and mullions at the sides will be 25mm.

Can anyone help or propose a different method to doing it.

Thank you in advance.

s4u Frame extension

Also an incredibly simple thing to do with a couple of linear arrays.


I still use Rick Wilson’s old (original 2004) Windowizer plugin but the Smustard site seems to have lost all its content. I seem to remember that the RBZ version of it was done by @TIG but it wasn’t on SketchUcation either.

I’ve mostly just used native tools in a pinch, but Profile Builder 3 could be used for this. Every horizontal thing is a profile, and the verticals are components. For auto-build, you mock up a sample with one starter, one end, and two repeats in between, and it figures it out. Then you need to tweak it by setting minimum and maximum spacing and other parameters.