Custom glass railing Plugin

What we do:
We are are a company located in Norway, producing and selling railing systemes of different types. our standard railings has stainless steel post and glass fillings, Im sure you have seen it somewhere.

All the projects we start, big or small. we make Custom installation document in sketchup/ layout for the customer. showing the center-center distance of posts, glass size and qty etc… the document is based on the messurements of the balcony of the customer. so every job have the same workflow. but different messurement and glass sizes, glass width is standard in 25mm segments from 600-1200mm.
and 50mm segments from 100-600mm.

What we need:
We need a Sketchup Ruby Plugin Programmer Genius! Thats a long title, but that is really what we need… Someone that can help us make life just a little bit easier.

If you feel that you have earned that title please apply for this job:) Or if you dont think that the title appeal to you, but you think that you can pull this off. Be my guest please apply for this job:)

What the plug in should do:

Possibility 1:¨
Based on the follow me around tool (or something):

Lets say that we have drawn the shape of the place we are going to install the railings on.

  1. we draw lines in the center where the railing is going to be installed.
  2. we mark all the lines where the railing is going to be installed
  3. we press a button, and woila the railing is now installed on our modell. with our stock glass size widths (25mm segments from 600-1200mm. And 50mm segments from 100-600mm.). We have math examples explaining this. but we need help to use fixed sizes on the glass as variables.

We must be able to get out ready made sceens in plan view of the railing showing meassurements of:
Sides of balcony, glass width and center-center post meassument

Possibility 2:
You come up with something better :smile:

We are looking for a quality sulution for this, and if its possible we would also like to include Layout in the equation.

Please dont hessitate sending me a PM and i will send over some PDF documents. Sorry for all the spelling errors!

Best Regards Stian Stribolt

Have you looked at Profile Builder by Mind Sight Studios - it
should be able to do this

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Hi I will check this out, thanks for the tip

Profile builder probably fits the bill. If you look in the assembly libraries, there is a glass railing assembly, I use it all the time. It’s wont do curved baselines but you can set different components for corner and start/end stanchions etc

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Thanks for the Tip Rob :blush:

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