Cursor doesn't line up with any lines I want to draw or measure. Sketch pro, Mac user

Im hoping somebody could help me, Im drawing some very simple line drawings, plan view.
However my cursor doesn’t want line up with any lines that I have drawn. to click onto a line or junction, the actual red dot shows this to be some distance away, therefore very off-putting.
Please help.

What do you mean by “cursor” and what is “the actual red dot”?

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Hello simoncbevans,
When trying to draw a line, my pen doesn’t correspond to the actual line itself. When I try and measure, the tape measure doesn’t actually line up with the line I’m trying to measure from. For some reason everything is off set and I can’t accurately get to the line I want to draw or measure from.
This has never happened to me before and I’m a sketch pro user for 5 years now!

Is the model located far from the Origin?

Ah, now my dot is purple! And by cursor, you meant construction line.

Does it happen with all drawings or just the one in your image? If it’s just that one, can you upload it so that we can see if we can reproduce your problem?

If you were on a windows machine I would say you have a graphic card driver problem and need to update the driver.
But people always say mac driver are fine.

Ah, yes… this could be an issue… I will move it all and come back to you.
Thank you

I can up load yep. Im just hoping to try and move it all first.

mihai.s, Wow thats it… I’ve just moved it closer to the origin, and so far it’s looking really good!
You’re a superstar…
This is my first ever post on the Sketchup Community, and it’s proved to be fantastic and helpful.
Thank you for taking the time to help me, its really appreciated. And thank you simoncbevans and Box as well…:raised_hands:t3:
All the best.