Mouse not aligning to view

Hi there. I’m not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but it is very frustrating. Tried looking for it in forums but can’t find it anywhere. When I try to select anything on my sketchup model, my mouse is off by about 100px, so I have to move it way to the right of the object I’m selecting and then click. This is, as you can imagine, very challenging as if there is a small object within a larger one, I can’t just zoom in and select it, I have to click around vaguely to the right of it until it is selected. You can imagine how hard this is to do with something as narrow as a line. Has anyone had this problem, and if so, how did you solve it. My mouse is working perfectly in every other program I am using including illustrator, sketch, and photoshop! Help!!

  • Is the cursor offset compared to other applications?
    What happends when you move the cursor from outside (where it is normal) over the viewport border (where it changes to the SketchUp cursor icon). Does it jump?
  • Does the offset depend on the position of the (unmaximized) window on the screen?
  • Or is the action point offset, that means the action (e.g. selection) does not take place where the cursor icon is shown)?

I had this happen some years back and a graphic card driver update resolved it for me.