Cursor display issue

Longtime SU user here that has recently encountered a new problem. After working for a bit in any file (regardless of size), the active tool and / or cursor will start leaving a ‘trail’ behind as I move around the screen. I.e. the protractor or rectangle tool icon will be shown many times along the path it was dragged along. Attempting to attach screenshots to help illustrate what’s happening.

It seems to occur mostly when shadows or rendered sketch styles are turned on but can still happen any time regardless. Working in the latest 2021 update and recently upgraded to a new Mac M1 Mini, which is when it started.

Is this a known glitch or any ideas that could help resolve? It’s making the program nearly unusable.


another image

and another

That’s a graphic card issue, on win I would suggest updating your graphic card drivers, but mac is different.
Try going to Window/Preferences/OpenGl and Tick or Untick Use fast feedback.

Seems to be working so far. Hope it’s just a compatibility issue with the new Apple chips and not my actual graphics card…